ARIA Investment Philosophy

At Ananya Research our core is its Unique Philosophy of catching large trends in the Market. We are not interested in 10-20% up moves; instead look at buying companies that can give our clients multiple time (multibagger) returns. Our Niche lies in buying great Midcap / smallcap companies. Which are often ignored. The investment portfolio will be combination of grow

We recommend an investment only if we believe the stock can atleast double in next 24-36 months.

Our strategy of buying companies that fit our stringent Criteria of Growth at a Reasonable Price.

  • Can grow 25%+ for long periods of time
  • Can generate High Return of Capital Employed at least 15% with increasing bias
  • Smart and Ethical Management Team
  • Competitive Advantage over competitors (Moat)
  • Low on Leverage around 1-1.5xs with declining bias
  • Reasonable Valuations
  • Free Cash Flow Generator

We sell only if one of these things happens

  • Better Investment Opportunity
  • Story no longer Holds True
  • Extremely Overvalued
  • Long Term Breakdown in Stock, Sector or Market.