About Us

What we do?

At ARIA, Our advisory services and recommendation are based on the principles of Value Investing under which we actively research on stocks of companies listed on Indian stock exchange in order to identify the ones that possess potential to grow multi-fold and run by visionary entrepreneurs determined to leverage this mega opportunity which exists in India today.

It is far easier to own businesses than owning stock prices. We are not obsessed with valuation metrics of companies & trying to predict quarter over quarter growth rates / earnings estimates. We prefer to go deeper into understanding the business model & various cycles surrounding them. Attempt is to focus more on the big picture analysis of how a company can evolve & how its business will transform. Once we like the company, entire research runs around three major factors.

Our Skills

Determining entry value
Reviewing the company performance & stock price periodically
Making exit an independent decision

We invest our capital in very same stocks as recommended to clients we make sure our interests are aligned with clients.

Our advisory model is non-discretionary and allows you to have a final say in your investments.

Why Choose Us?

As an investor, you're faced with an uncertain and volatile financial marketplace further complicated by the wide array of investment options available to you. You know that proper planning and discipline are important in working toward financial independence and security for your heirs, but developing a sound strategy and selecting, monitoring, and managing your investments yourself can be an arduous task. For investors who would like to free themselves from the need to constantly monitor asset allocation and portfolios, Ananya Research Investment Advisors have access to a wide array of research advisory programs designed to match a variety of client needs